We are Dubai-grown ladies fashion label specializing in WOW-style dresses,  resort swimwear and beachwear designed for elegant, bold and confident women.  As an all-women team we keep in mind what women all over the world want!

Like all great things, brand started as a small idea with big ambition conceived by two restless friends Anita G. & Alyona A. to create a brand for WOMEN by WOMEN. Since the beginning the main goal has been to design BOLD & SEXY pieces that EMPOWER women to embrace their personal uniqueness. 

ANITAS symbolizes an extremely ambitious, independent, driven woman who lives life on her own terms and enjoys the finest things in life.

Capturing the spirit of Dubai, ANITAS grew rapidly and became very popular womenswear brand through its tremendous exposure, large number of collaborations with Social Media Influencers, Beach Club Events and Partnering with many companies. 

Previously available only through its Instagram page, we experienced huge popularity since the launch and now our beautiful items available not only online, but also at upscale resort boutiques, beach shops all over Dubai and with the showroom in The Springs Souk Dubai. 

ANITAS Babes are the girls who dare to be different and look outstanding from the crowd, the girls who like to be remembered and wear the best! Their motto: "Life is too short to wear boring stuff!"

ANITAS promotes beauty of the female body and incredible allure in the strength of a woman. Our items are designed to emphasize that beauty, sexuality and charming personality of each woman.


The brand has evolved from the signature bikinis to the most instagramable gorgeous pieces, and we show no sign of slowing down. With ambitions this big our success story will conquer the fashion world of sexy & stylish womenswear.