Buying Bikini on AliExpress


Girl, you worth so much more than AliExpress bikini!

If you’re not value yourself, than who will?

We here at ANITAS believe that you should never compromise on yourself. What is the point to wear something just for the sake of covering some parts of your body? Naaaah….

We believe the outfit and style of the swimwear you choose should say who you are without having to speak. Because thats what people see at first when they see YOU. That’s what makes Impression.  And it’s not the quantity, but quality is what makes big difference.

First of all, when you wearing good quality perfectly fit swimsuit or bikini, you will value yourself more. Your self-esteem will jump up in your head. Thats where all magic starts happening. People around you will feel it. And secondly, their attitude towards you will change. You will be noticed, because you are unique.

We are not saying that cheap bikini is bad, but boring - yes. If you see the same bikini all over internet in every single online shop, you buy it, thinking that its a super trendy swimwear, you are coming to the pool or yacht party and there are 3 more girls in the same bikini, well, you won’t feel good about it, and believe us, from the side it doesn’t look cool. You are nothing special. You are like 3 other girls.

For somebody buying bikini or clothes on AliExpress might be a great option - plenty of choices, from simple triangle bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and monokinis to beach cover ups and matching beach sets. All different styles and most important…it’s cheap.

BUT! All of the shops are offering similar styles, pretty much identical, we would say. You can see the same model in the same swimwear and the same pictures across all the sellers. What they do is they copy successful swimwear brands, they use the same pictures, stealing them from brand’s website and then replicating most selling swimsuits at their factories. Sometimes if they don’t understand the exact way how it should be stitched - they assume and stitch. Then the swimwear looks funny. Material, fabric, quality of the bikini - is equal to the price you pay. It will last till the first wash or for couple of washes if you are lucky. But it will NEVER EVER be the same as original! You can see the same pictures of a bikini in different stores even on the same girl and in the same poses and everywhere, surprisingly, the price will be different. The highest price not guaranteeing you good quality or better quality than the others. So your purchase there is always a gambling game - either the item is ok or hmmm….could be better or most often - complete disaster and wasted 20$. Not big deal but its your wasted time, money and expectations… Are you ok to waste it on this bikini gambling? Rather find swimwear, which is really unique, which is not all over internet!


Life is too short to wear boring stuff,  so put some effort, choose selectively and start getting the things YOU really want and you will see how your life will change 🦋

Remember - you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it;)

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